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Our services

We offer a broad range of cybersecurity related services. Below is a selection of popular services. If you are interested or have other ideas, please send us an email and we will work something out.

Targeted Cybersecurity Trainings

We offer tailored cybersecurity training, uniquely designed for various target audiences, empowering your teams with practical knowledge to proactively manage digital risks.

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Talk to a Hacker

‘Talk to a Hacker’: a unique, direct approach to cybersecurity advice.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Tailored Cyber Threat Intelligence helps prioritize and guide your cybersecurity activities.

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We revolutionize compliance training with tailored programs and live hacking demonstrations.

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Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing uncovers weaknesses via real-world attack simulations.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings

Black Swan’s comprehensive training equips all staff for strong cyber defense.

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